Sunday, December 20, 2015

eyes to see.

I've been thinking lately about what it means to really believe. How do we really "see" with believing eyes? ...How do we accomplish our true desires and become the people we dream to be? 

For me, I dream to have Christlike eyes. I wish to take all of the worldly/human like things we inevitably experience and turn them into positive energy. I desire to gain unshakable faith and strength in my transgressions. I dream to become like my Savior and to know the potential He see's in me. 

I wish to rid myself of negativity and conquer the brain...I just wish to see true beauty in myself, in others, in life, and to love as God loves. 

I read a quote about how 'life isn't so much about becoming anything, but unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.' 

So HOW do we do that? Thoughts that come to my mind from experience and advice... 

1. Start where you are. If we could all just let go of the things in our past, we would have a healthier and more positive view of what we can accomplish. It's not about the past or even the present, but where we are going. If you can't or don't believe, pray to have belief. Ask for help from Heavenly Father that He will help you let go of your past and help you accomplish your desires. Starting where you are is all you need:) & all that your God needs.

2. Manage your time. We live in a world where social media is the ruler and everything is at our fingertips. There is so much positivity that can come from these things, but like I mentioned earlier, sometimes these worldly things can become inevitably negative. They can create and amplify greed, jealousy, envy, and turn us away from the beauty in our own lives. We must manage our time and fill our days with health and positivity. I, like anyone else, find myself scrolling through Instagram on the daily, but there is something to be said when we take a break and put the phone down for a little bit. 
         -Get some exercise. Whether that is taking the stairs at work or going on a jog, your body and mind need those endorphins! 
         -Serve someone everyday. There is nothing that brings you closer to God. 

         -Put the phone down and turn the computer off. Minimizing the use of these can bring more gratitude and happiness in your life. It can help you see others differently, see yourself differently, and be more aware of what is around you. We don't need this stuff..We don't truly know what is going on in someone's life or who they are by a post. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the appearance of things through social media. Take a break, if even for 1 day, and fill that time with something like calling an old friend:) Continuing to decrease these things can be very effective. I have seen it in my own life. 

        -Do something for yourself. We all need those moments that pick us up. Take time to be by yourself and do something that makes YOU feel good. It could be a yoga class or something as simple as getting a diet coke:) I know that is my "go to" haha. 

        -Continue to read, and write, and LEARN. Your minds health and function need it. I always turn to self help books and my journal is a daily go to. Writing helps me remember I am doing okay. It gets me in tune with myself and the Spirit. I love reflecting on my writings when I am going through a hard or weak reminds me that I have gotten through hard things and that I won't be stuck in this hard moment forever.... Learn from podcasts, books, classes, traveling...just never stop learning and trying to become someone better. 

         -Make a TO DO list and take a deep breath. Sometimes we just get ahead of ourselves. 

3. Incorporate your gospel everyday. For me this is a MUST. Talking to my Father in Heaven and telling Him everything. My ups, my downs, my true desires, my transgressions...He listens and helps me. Even those little weaknesses that no one else knows about...He knows and He helps me through them. I have to do my part. To try, to read my scriptures, to serve, to tackle my struggles, to not only pray once or twice a day, but multiple times. It is a constant challenge that I work through everyday, but the wonderful thing is I don't have to do any of it alone. 

        If it isn't prayer and scripture study everyday, it is attending church meetings on Sunday. There is no better way than through the divine to heal, to grow, and to see through believing eyes. God believes in us and loves us more than we can comprehend. He is our biggest advocate. He can truly help us see our potential and help us accomplish the desires of our hearts. He can help us have those 'eyes to see' beauty in its purest form. 

4. Keep going. Never give up on yourself or start to think that you are incapable. I have seen first hand the true meaning of continuing to push forward when you feel like you have nothing left to give.. and how, by taking even the smallest of baby steps, and being extremely patient with yourself, you can start to move in the direction you desire. 

       It's okay to have bad days. To have sad days that feel a little gloomy. It is okay to get angry or want to cry. To want to scream. It is OKAY to feel exactly how you want to feel.. or go through weird moments that don't feel quite like you. Thoughts are sometimes just thoughts, and they don't define who YOU are. These unexplainable moments don't define you. They are normal... and it took me a long time to learn that it's okay. These are apart of those human like emotions and thoughts that we WILL go through..and it's okay. Like I said earlier--it is all about what we do with these moments and how to turn them into positive energy. Your brain may be powerful, but you are more powerful, and it can be conquered. I just love that. 

So there you go... Use these 4 steps to help you work towards having those believing eyes in whatever area you seek. I am learning more and more that each one of us really is going through our own individual struggles & I think that there is not a stronger indication that we truly need each other. 

See with more Christlike eyes this Christmas & enjoy the holidays! 

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