Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am currently a student at Brigham Young University studying Exercise & Wellness. I started out wanting to do Dietetics and ended up getting into the program at BYU, but after going through my disorder, I realized that Dietetics might not be a good route. I had become so obsessed with counting calories and only eating the healthiest food I could find and I felt like the Dietetics program might only make that worse. My heart was no longer set on this particular program and I ended up turning it down. I went and did a dance job abroad with Disney instead and decided to jump into the Exercise & Wellness major when I returned 6 months later. After recently tackling an addiction in this area I didn't know if any type of degree in exercise would be smart, but I knew that I was interested in that field and decided to pursue it. The part that really intrigued me was the "wellness" part of the major title and I discovered that the purpose I chose my major was because of that word. 

WELLNESS is an important and beautiful word. It is where you are in a healthy state physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have loved learning about these elements in school and want to help people achieve overall wellness. I want to help people be healthy and happy in all areas of their lives and I wouldn't have really discovered that without going through my eating disorder and choosing to study Exercise and Wellness. 

So my "wellness" tips for the week: 

- be patient. patience is something that is so hard for me. I am quick to get frustrated and give up on something...even when it is just me that thinks something is amiss. You may need to practice patience with something big in your life, or something very small... whatever it is, be patient with not only others, but yourself. Don't be quick to jump ship or throw something good away. Don't give up on yourself if you are trying to conquer a hardship. It is all about baby steps. 

-fill your life with important things. Sometimes Satan and the world can make unimportant things seem important. Read up on Richard G. Scotts talk (a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles) titled "Make the Exercise of Faith your First Priority", found on, and make a list of what is most important to you. Don't let distractions get in the way of what is most important. Look at things with a bigger perspective. I want you to make that list and focus on improving one of them this week. 

-make your brain & heart happy. Exercise your brain this week. Read a book, listen to an educational TED talk, sign up to learn a language. Get your brain working! .. also don't forget to make your heart happy and get some physical activity in. Get out in the snow and learn how to ski, take an aerobics class, go play tennis with a friend. There is so much you can do to make your body & heart feeling good! Recommendations: 5 days a week. 30 minutes. Moderate to vigorous intensity. This is a basic recommendation to maintain weight and good health. Also, try and eat 2-3 fruits & veggies a day and decrease your sweet intake. Don't eliminate it, just decrease it a little. We all could use it after our Thanksgiving feasts:) 

-spend time with those you love. After this Thanksgiving break,  I realized how much I love being with my family and how important they are to me. I am very lucky to have people who love me and make me a better person. This week, make some time to spend it with friends, family, and those you love. These interactions will help increase your mood and keep you going:) 

Have a great week everyone! Its time for that Christmas spirit! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Weekly Reminder.

When trying to decide what to write about this week, 
is all that came to my mind. Lately I have been feeling a little bit off... not everyday, but often. I have been questioning where I am at, what I am doing, and what this life is all about. I tend to be one of those deeeeeep thinkers ;) & I think that these questions are regular and normal in everyone's lives. We grow up and realize that life decisions aren't as easy as we thought they would be and we wish that we could go back to our simple childhood. We all want to be happy and feel fulfilled, and we wonder if we are doing all that we can to accomplish that... and if we are, why are we not feeling that way? 
I know for me, I tend to over-think and analyze every little thing in my life. I am at that critical age where I am trying to decide where I want to go after college and what I want to do with the rest of my life. To be completely honest it all freaks me out...but I have noticed that these things freak me out even more when I am stressed, selfish, and lacking spiritually. 
My first suggestion... take life one day at a time. It is important to make goals and plan ahead, but thinking too much about it will add unnecessary stress. 
Put others first. 
If there is one thing I have learned in my short 23 years, it's that this life is all about other people. Putting others first and serving them will help you forget about your own problems and make them seem a lot less important. Serving, especially when it's not convenient, will help you see the true value of life and will help you find that happiness and fulfillment you seek. 
Those moments where we experience pure laughter are some of the most beautiful and pure. These are the small moments in life that make me realize how special this life is and how grateful I am for those experiences and people that make me laugh...hard. Surround yourself with those beautiful people that make you happy and can make you laugh. Get reminded of how good life is. 
I believe that the base of gratitude is humility and happiness. As you approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, make sure to have a special prayer in your heart to thank God for everything you have. Make a list of all of the things you are grateful for, big and small, and cherish the time you have with your family. 

All we can do is keep living each day the best we can and trying to be better. We are imperfect people and life isn't always easy, but even in those moments, there are still so many things we can be grateful for and angels that can help pick us up. It is okay to get mad about something going wrong in your life, it's normal to feel out of whack and feel low..these things are normal...but don't just let them sit with you for a long time. Get help and never forget that you are stronger than you think. Life is about being happy.. so if you aren't, maybe it is time to make a change. Change isn't always easy... but without change, we cannot progress. 

Happy Thanksgiving World.. now go eat a lot of turkey:) 

I'm giving thanks for  
good health
richie and his patience with me
my bed 
pure laughter 
my nieces and nephews pure spirits 
my home 
my friends & family 
God and His love for me 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Best Friend.

For this post, I wanted to dedicate it to my best friend and partner in crime, Meri. A best friend is hard to come by.... someone that completely gets you and everything you are about and think...and somehow, God has blessed me with a few of these special people in my life...Meri being one of them. 
      In the last couple of years, Meri has become one of my angels. She has shown me what true loyalty is and has taught me how to be "tough". I am a sensitive and emotional person, and Meri makes me stronger. Not only does she make me better, but she shows me what it takes to really work hard at something. She shows me what true love and passion is for something. She shows me how to not care as much about the unimportant things and how to bring the humor of "The Grinch" movie into my life:) Meri loves little kids and when I am with Meri, we become just that. We know how to laugh, cry, and talk about everything that is on our minds. Meri is my go to person. The one that will listen to whatever dumb thing I am blabbing about and that will give me honest advice. She understands how I feel when no one else does and makes me feel normal in a world where I feel so different compared to everyone else. Meri always has my back and will stick up for me in every situation. She makes me feel good and worth something. She is such a wonderful example to me and I couldn't ask for a better best friend at this time in my life. 

What makes a Best Friend or a Good Friend?
A friend is someone that is always there for you...through thick and thin...and see's you for what you really are. They see inside of you and remind you of that divine potential you have. A friend is someone that is honest and trust worthy and someone that you know will never talk bad about you. They want what is best for you and will help you get there. Friends make your world better. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with friends that are positive.

Who do you consider one of your best friends, and more importantly, how can you become a better friend? ...When you are going through something really difficult in your life, you want to be able to call up that best friend for help! 

     So I want you to think about your best friend... call them up and tell them thanks & tell them you love them. We are lucky to have best friends. 

Also for this weeks motivation, look up an article in

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Personal Interview

I recently went to a fireside where M. Russell Ballard, an apostle from the LDS church, spoke. He shared some wonderful and useful advice that I think we could all benefit from.

Each one of us should have personal interviews with ourselves often. Sit down in a quiet place for a while and analyze your life. 
How are you doing? 
Are you on the track you want to be? 
What could you be doing better? 
Make GOALS for yourself and make sure you are analyzing yourself often. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something Big.

Sometimes it takes something BIG in our lives to make us realize how blessed we are. Those humbling experiences that put us in our place and back on the right track. I'm grateful for those moments that put me back in the right mind set and remind me of what is important. Don't let it be something big that makes you realize how much you have... make a list of those things today. 

What is MOST important to you? 
What are you most grateful for? 

These are the things you should focus on in your life. Don't waste your time on those unimportant worldly things & those first world problems. Instead of looking at all the negative, which we are so quick to do, focus on all of the positive! 

Look at your health, your family, your friends, the roof over your head, your freedom...your list could go on and on! Make those important things and important people in your life your top priority. I want you to make your important list and focus on one of them this week--go out of your way and do something nice for a family member or a friend. Find a way to make them feel so loved!--Show gratitude for your healthy body by choosing to walk or ride your bike instead of drive your car--turn your house into more of a home by cleaning things up and creating a positive environment. 

By focusing on the most important things in your life, you will start to see a change in the love and happiness you feel. Try it:) 

Monday, November 3, 2014

lend a helping hand

A lot of times we don't know why we went through something difficult in our lives.. especially in the is hard to see the WHY and the GROWTH we go through. I know now why I went through my eating disorder... and that is to help other people. I forget how many people, especially women, go through something similar to an eating disorder and are in need of some help. A lot of times these people are quiet and their difficult situation goes unnoticed. They may be the sweet and happy ones that portray something completely different on the outside then what they are going through on the inside. I'm here to help those people... 
As individuals we try to act like everything is GOOD in our lives, and with social media, it makes it seem like everyone is living that way. A lot of times all we see is the "good", and we hardly ever hear about the "bad". This makes it seem like the things we are going through aren't normal and that there is something wrong with us. It also makes us feel like we can keep our problems inside and handle them ourselves. We want to fit the mold and the norm and make it seem like we have it all together.... but here is the thing... none of us do. We all have issues. Our bad days and our negative thoughts... we aren't perfect no matter how much we try to portray that. 
So I am here to tell you that it is okay to admit that you are down and broken. It is okay to admit that you have a problem. We all have problems! One of the hardest things was admitting I had a problem to those around me and facing it. The word "eating disorder" freaks people out and it is a subject we tend to ignore and try to get rid of silently. Well here is the thing... so many people go through eating disorders and food issues. It is healthy to put your issues out in the open and talk about them. Seek the help and and use all of the amazing resources around you. 

Seek out a Therapist. Everyone--no matter your circumstance--could benefit from seeing a therapist. There are several ways to access one whether at your school or in your community. It is healthy to go talk to someone about things going on in your life and get a grip on your thoughts and how you are feeling. I am going to start to see a therapist for different struggles I am going through and I couldn't be more excited about it. Message me if you would like some recommendations on who to see:) 

Seek out a Dietitian. I know that we have access to a Dietitian at my University, and I know they have them at multiple universities and clinics in your community. Go talk to one and figure out a healthy diet that will give you energy and make you feel good. Get the facts down on counting calories and weight gain/loss and find a plan that works for you and benefits your body! I didn't even think about seeing a Dietitian when I was going through my eating disorder and I wish I would've. 

Talk to a friend. This is where I come in! Lately I have been able to help girls struggling with "food issues" in a variety of ways. I have been through these things myself, and sometimes that is the easiest way to start to HELP yourself. Go talk to someone that has been through a similar situation. They could be a huge help and give you some great advice on what worked for them. If any of you want to contact me, I would love to listen and help. Contact me with a personal message on Facebook- Sadie Rae George- is my name when you are looking me up. I am not only here to talk about eating disorders, but anything that you may be going through. 

Don't be afraid to admit you have a problem. Don't ever think that the things you feel and the thoughts you have aren't normal.. you will be surprised at how many of us have the same ones. 

Come talk to me! :)