About Me

Hi. My name is Sadie Rae. I am your everyday 23 year old college student, dancer, and life adventurer. I originally started this blog to share my story about overcoming an eating disorder and hopefully inspiring those that have suffered or are suffering from a similar situation. My story is by no means a miracle success story, or overcoming years and years of struggle, but the things I learned during my journey of addiction gave me a new perspective on life. So the goal of my blog is to do simply that. Give readers a new perspective and remind them of how beautiful life is. We all go through times of struggle and defeat and need a helping hand to pick us back up. Hopefully this blog can be that hand for you and can not only motivate and inspire, but push you to chase your dreams and experience all that the world holds. 


  1. is there an email address I can reach you at? had a question!

    1. yes of course! my email address is sadielyngeorge@gmail.com