Monday, July 4, 2016


Hello everyone! A lot has happened since my last post! ...I got married to my best friend, we moved to California, and I am now trying to make my writing more official by free lancing for Healthy Utah Magazine. I love it. 

I wanted to talk about expectations. We all have them, but where do they come from? How do we come up with these expectations and "rules" for ourselves? I have had a few different discussions with loved ones about this topic and it has sparked a post. I think it is time to let these certain expectations built up from our culture, our up-bringing, the media, and let them go. I think we can confuse expectations with goals, and goals are a great thing to have! But the expectation of fulfilling your goals, or the expectation to be "this" or do "that" with your life... that is what needs to be let go. 

Expectations can do a lot of things. They can fill you with fear or make you feel inadequate. One example that comes to mind from my own life is: After college, I felt like I had this big time degree that I had worked so hard for, and that I wasn't really doing anything with. I had the expectation that I would have a "big kid" job right away and that I would be doing something incredibly fulfilling. This expectation I had for myself tore me apart and made me feel useless...Like I wasn't contributing to the world or living up to my potential. Sure I had a few different entry level jobs, but for some reason that wasn't enough. Others that come to mind from recent discussions are: the expectation to be skinny-to exercise THIS long and only eat THIS much.. or the expectation that taking a leap of faith will only end in failure and regret. 

Expectations can make you feel like you aren't doing enough and that you need to reach farther and dream bigger. Sure these are wonderful, but a lot of times they blur our vision and make it seem like where we are at is never enough. We forget to soak up the beauty and gratitude of RIGHT where we beautiful our surroundings are..and how great we are really doing. 

We forget to live and..just be. 

So throw out those rules and expectations you have made for yourself and for other people. Try to live in the moment a little more and know that what you are doing is enough and that you are enough. I don't want you to miss out on today. 

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