Friday, November 6, 2015


It is crazy what a busy schedule and a little bit of structure can do! The last few months, while going through some emotional challenges and life changes, I was in complete LIMBO. I was a college graduate with a set direction, and not only did that direction suddenly and unknowingly change, but it was thrown bumps and turns of every kind! road was suddenly foggy and confusing and I didn't have a plan. I wasn't dancing anymore, I didn't have a job, and my once BYU Provo "cush" and busy life was gone. Complete overload! haha. 

I always thought that not being busy would be nice! No commitments, no job, just live and do what I wanted. haha. Well once it actually happened to me, with all sorts of other changes, I hated it! I didn't know who I was anymore or my purpose. What was the point of getting up in the morning? ...I tried to keep myself busy with things, but I couldn't get out of my funk. I wasn't progressing or feeling like I was contributing to the world. 

Well I finally landed a couple of jobs! It took some time and some patience, but wow it feels good. I have to get up early (even though sometimes that is REALLY HARD. My first day I cried), but it has been the best thing for me. A busier schedule has given me energy and motivation. It has helped me take better care of myself and stay better in tune mentally and physically. It has helped my relationships grow and has ultimately helped me climb out of my funk:) .... 

So I am a firm believer in the positive effect a busy schedule can have! For me, having a job helps me see things differently and feel more motivated to accomplish other things. I want to work out, I want to go take dance classes, I want to serve people and be with my friends...being busy just makes me feel better! 

I know that our schedules can be out of control sometimes. At times we just wish that things would slow down so we could catch a breath. I think there is definitely that fine line of how busy we should make ourselves... we don't want to be running around like a crazy person all of time! ... but try to find the good and gratitude in your schedule:) Take time for yourself to breath and simplify (we all can do that), but maybe try to look at your busy schedule a little differently. 

I am grateful I have a job. 
I am grateful I have a car to get me there. 
I am grateful for a busy schedule that helps keep me motivated and progressing! 

Have a great weekend!! :) 

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