Friday, October 30, 2015

Holiday Happy.

The leaves have changed and the air is's time to pull out the sweaters, beanies, and boots, and I LOVE IT. So many fun holidays coming up! :) 

I have been trying this new thing lately. Acceptance. Being more accepting of myself and my current situation and being gentle. I never realized how hard I was on myself until I graduated from college and no longer had dance, school, and all of these things that made me feel powerful and somewhat in control. I have always said that someone needs to write a book on 'How to Function After College' haha. I thought I handled change well until that all happened... I went through a lot in a short few months and I found myself getting really frustrated and down. I didn't have every little thing in my life figured out anymore and I really beat myself up about it. I wasn't right where I wanted to be or where I thought I should be and that caused so much distress! I think we can all be sooooo hard on ourselves for things like that. Just because I didn't have everything figured out right after college I was freaking out! 

 Lately I have been praying to be more accepting of myself and where I am at... and praying for strength...and God has been listening. I definitely still have my hard days, but I'm trying to not see them as set backs. They are just bumps. I have realized that when I am more accepting of who I am, my thoughts, and where I am at, things just seem to go so much better. I am happier, more hopeful, and I see things differently. It's a beautiful feeling I wish I could describe better. Things seem to fall into place when the pressure disappears. 

So that is my challenge this week! Try to be more accepting of exactly where you are at and love yourself more. They are right when they say that you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself. I have noticed the incredible strength and hope that comes from accepting myself and my circumstances. Thoughts can be powerful--they can maybe make you feel like you aren't going to reach that level you want--but you will. You are already on your way if you just keep trying and find something to smile about everyday along the way. Your thoughts don't define you! 

So try to love & accept and find some FUN activities to do this holiday season :) It is a time to be happy. 

"Keep your head up. Take your time. Be proud of yourself. Always remember, you are right where you're supposed to be" :) 

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